New Year’s Holidays in Mariupol

Meeting of students and teachers of Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute

December 6, 2014 – Meeting of Kryvyi Rih Economic Institute

Meeting against criminal actions of city government

Since November 26, 2014 termless protest near Krivoy Rog City Hall have been started. (More…)

Skryabin band, concert in Kryvyi Rih October 26, 2014

Meeting against high land taxes and Communists Party

Meeting against high land taxes and Communists Party

Poroshenko’s pre-election campaign.

Petro Poroshenko attended Krivoy Rog during his Ukrainian pre-election tour. A meeting with voters was held in front of «Metallurg» stadium on May 17, 2014. Also at the stage appeared ex-minister of  Internal Affairs Yuri Lutsenko, «Bat’kivschyna»’s deputy Mykola Tomenko and French public intellectual and author Bernard-Henry Levy. Petro Poroshenko was accompanied by his wife Marina.