Meeting with residues of tank group

On September 5, 2014, early morning 12 ukrainian tanks were fired not so far from Mariupol (Donetsk region). There were a few groups. Only 4 tanks came back to a base. Many soldiers came back on foot after 6 hours. They were fired by tanks, artillery, machine guns. I met their near Mariupol about noon. They told me: “We were waited! There were about 30 enemy “T-80″ tanks. They shooted at point-blank range. We were like cannon-fodder. We have lost four machines in one minute! Enemy tanks were hided at the courtyards. We were fired from both sides”. Almost all their stuff have been burned together with tanks. They sprang out of burning tanks. It’s a miracle but nobody died, few soldiers were wounded only. “Today is our second Birthday” – they said.  Also they showed to me their uniform, saying: “Look at this! We are not provided. These boots are useless because it’s hard and we have wound on the feet. We have bought closes ourselves.” Also they showed to me machine gun bullets that didn’t work. Maybe it became dump. A nearby terrain was fired a few times during my stay with them. Every burst was closer than previous. Last bursts were in about three kilometers from us. That were mortar-, tank- and MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) bursts. Last 4th tank came back about 5 p.m. – one hour prior to Ceasefire Agreement.

2 thoughts on “Meeting with residues of tank group

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